What NFPA stands for?

The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) is a global self-funded nonprofit organization, established in 1896, devoted to eliminating death, injury, property, and economic loss due to fire, electrical and related hazards. 


NFPA delivers information and knowledge through more than 300 consensus codes and standards, research, training, education, outreach, and advocacy; adopt an annual operating budget of about $115 million; and staffs offices in Massachusetts, Maryland, California, India, Dubai, China, and Belgium.


The association’s board of directors comprises 85 members from around the world representing diverse perspectives from the full spectrum of the fire protection industry.


The NFPA membership totals about 65,000 individuals from around the globe and about 9,000 organizations including fire departments; building code authorities; insurance companies; insert other end users here. 


In addition to its industry-leading Fire Code of NFPA 1®, NFPA develops more than 300 codes and standards intended to minimize the possibility and effects of fire and other risks.


NFPA’s membership creates these life-saving documents through a rigorous consensus process that engages hundreds of volunteers who contribute their time and expertise to develop NFPA’s codes and standards.


What NFPA stands for?
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