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*** We are NFPA #96 CERTIFIED Kitchen Exhaust System Cleaning Company.

*** We provide Health & Safety CERTIFICATE as per NFPA 96 code, before and after pictures will be provided after the completion of work.

*** WSIB and Liability Insurance will be provided before the start of work.

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Commercial Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning – Our organization specializes in the cleaning of restaurant hoods and exhaust systems throughout the province of Ontario. From installing rooftop grease containment units to changing exhaust fan hinges, our crew is qualified and well educated in the cleaning and disinfection of hood exhaust systems while also eliminating any impurities from the system. We are certified and trained to clean and will offer before and after images for all parties. Please contact us right away for all of your business hood cleaning and rooftop grease containment cleanup needs.

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Commercial Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning Ontario

Are you looking for a company in the Ontario area that can clean the hood above your kitchen’s range? You, my friend, have arrived to the correct destination. Exhaust hood cleaning has not been conducted by Hood Cleaning Today of Ontario for a very long time. Those who have collaborated with us in the past have commented that our work is both thorough and professionally done.

If you own a kitchen in Ontario, there is nothing more essential than ensuring that all of your appliances and ventilation systems are functioning at peak efficiency. If the exhaust system is not properly maintained, you will be required to close down your kitchen as well as the business until it can be repaired. If there is a lot of grease lying around, there is a possibility that it could start a fire if it comes into contact with a spark.

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    If regular maintenance is not performed on exhaust systems, there is always the possibility that they will fail. In point of fact, the construction of every system needs to be carried out with extreme care in order to ensure that static pressure, air pressure, and airflow are all taken into consideration.

    If you make sure that everything is taken care of, you will have furnished an outstanding place of employment for all of your staff members. The issue typically manifests itself when grease begins to build up in the system, which causes the system to become unbalanced and places a stress on the system. As a consequence of this, the system ought to be cleaned on a consistent basis. When you run a restaurant, you can’t afford to turn a blind eye to the condition of your systems since a buildup of grease can soon lead to a fire breaking out. If you don’t, your business could go up in flames.

    Have you ever been made aware of the fact that commercial hood systems are the most important component of the ventilation system in your kitchen? These industrious systems help to make your kitchen and dining areas safer and more comfortable for everyone to use by removing grease and oil vapours, smoke, heat, and humidity, and even the odors that come from cooking food.

    If you want to keep the state of your commercial hood systems in excellent shape, you need to make sure that you stick to a cleaning schedule that varies not only with the amount of cooking that you do but also with the type of cooking that you perform. According to the recommendations provided by the manufacturer, a kitchen hood system that is installed over a station that contains a row of fryers or a wok station will require more frequent cleanings than a kitchen hood system that is positioned over a station that contains a soup station or a pancake griddle.

    Commercial Kitchen Exhaust Hoods ON

    Some restaurants engage professional kitchen hood system cleaners to undertake massive hood cleanings in-house, while others hire a professional to come in and execute the work for them. It is also required to clean the filters that are located in the hood. This takes place a great deal more frequently than the cleaning of the entire system and is, as a result, more efficient. A lot of restaurants clean the filters in the hoods of their ventilation systems every single day.

    It is impossible to place enough emphasis on the significance of performing periodic maintenance checks on commercial hood systems. One that is well maintained will function more efficiently and will endure for a longer period of time than one that, for instance, is fitted with an upblast exhaust fan that is driven by a motor that has a belt that is too worn to perform well.

    Employing the services of a hood cleaning company to clean the hoods of your restaurant? Get in contact with us as soon as possible! Our team of specialists have a wide range of skills, and each individual is insured and bonded. We guarantee all of our work and offer it at a competitive price, in addition to offering superior craftsmanship.

    We will offer before and after photographs, as well as a certificate of completion, for your insurance providers and any possible fire inspectors who may visit your property.

    Commercial Kitchen Exhaust Hood Cleaning Near Me in Ontario

    Hood Cleaning Today of Ontario is a business in Ontario Canada that is owned and maintained by a family. For almost two decades, they have been offering their exhaust cleaning services to the restaurant industry. We provide our services to any kind of facility that has an industrial or commercial kitchen, whether it be a food court in a shopping mall, a cafeteria in a factory, a casino, the CN tower, the MLSE, or Mount Sinai Hospital; we do it all. In addition to that, we service food trucks.

    Our experts are devoted, bonded, and certified to clean in accordance with the standards set out by the NFPA 96 and the Ontario Fire Code in order to reduce the risk of a fire breaking out. Our exhaust system experts in Ontario and Quebec clean and maintain exhaust systems in order to ensure compliance with fire safety regulations.

    The National Fire Protection Association has a rule called NFPA Rule 96, also known as National Fire Protection Association Code 96, which mandates that all accessible parts of kitchen exhaust systems must be cleaned. We identify any areas where the code is not being met and offer our clients advice on how to fix the problem. Hood Cleaning Today of Ontario offers NFPA compliance services, and as part of those services, we provide and install exhaust fan hinge kits, rooftop grease containment systems, and fire-rated access doors that comply with regulations.

    Because we have a staff and a team of technicians who are highly skilled and experienced, we are able to handle any and all service requests. This ensures that our customers will have a high degree of satisfaction and will have peace of mind. Any prospective clients who are interested can contact us at any moment to ask for no-obligation, cost-free and comprehensive price quotes.

    Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning Services in Ontario Canada

    In addition to cleaning the components that are visible to you, the exhaust system in your kitchen will be thoroughly sanitized.

    If you want to be sure that the exhaust system in your kitchen is safe to use, you should have it inspected by both the fire department and an insurance company. tidier than it was prior to the arrival of Hood Cleaning Today of Ontario in your kitchen.

    You will be contacted as soon as we find any potential mechanical faults, which will allow you to make preparations for any repairs in advance. The fumes from the grease enter your kitchen’s ventilation system through the range hood. There are a few areas in your system that can acquire both hard and soft grease deposits, and these areas need to be cleaned on a consistent basis so that your system can continue to operate at its maximum capacity.

    You’ll discover a variety of filter styles, as well as forms and sizes, depending on the system that’s installed in your kitchen. At each service, a deep-cleaning solution is used to the filters in order to remove any deposits that may have accumulated. Before placing filters in the dishwasher, it is strongly recommended that they first be pre-soaked in a degreaser solution for the whole night. This is because the Fire Code dictates that filters be cleaned on a weekly basis. This will assist to keep the pipe from becoming clogged.

    Ontario Commercial Hood Cleaning Service

    Those that are only visible in the kitchen are typically dirtier than those that have exhaust systems that are properly maintained. Dial the number for Hood Cleaning Today of Ontario’s to schedule a deep cleaning of the exhaust system in your Ontario business kitchen.

    Hood Cleaning Today in Ontario is the company that several businesses rely on when it comes to having their hoods cleaned. Our customers come from a diverse spectrum of industries, including high-profile restaurants, nursing homes, country clubs, day care centers, office buildings, cafeterias, caterers, grocery shops, and hotels.

    Because our professional staff members are bonded and insured, we can guarantee that the cleaning procedure will go without causing any disruptions to your business. We guarantee that each and every one of our customers will be happy with our services.

    Grease fires might break out in your kitchen if the hoods, ducts, and fans aren’t cleaned properly and often. Your insurance company is going to force you to follow the NFPA 96 Cleaning Guidelines.

    In the event that a fire breaks out in your restaurant, the insurance companies will use the NFPA 96 regulations to determine who is liable for paying the damages. Because it is hidden from view, the Kitchen Exhaust System in many restaurants is neglected because the owners just forget about it. Don’t act as though you’re shocked. Keep an eye out for any dangers to your well-being!

    Dial the number listed above to schedule an appointment with Hood Cleaning of Ontario right away! Using our technology and techniques, your exhaust system may be cleaned all the way down to the bare metal. If you choose with Hood Cleaning Today of Ontario, you can be certain that the job will be completed on time and at the highest possible standard from the very beginning.

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    We own a restaurant in Windsor ON and hired this company to clean our overhead kitchen exhaust systems. They did an excellent job, we fast and thorough and gave us our certificate for insurance and our records. Thanks for a great job.
    Paul M
    Restaurant Owner
    100% satisfied with the cleaning of our kitchen exhaust hoods. Thank you
    Santos B
    Kudos to the team at Ontario Hood Cleaning really happy with how fast and efficient they were when cleaning our kitchen exhaust hoods keeping the mess to a minimum and completely cleaned up after the job was completed. Thank you.
    Bob S
    Bob S
    Bar Owner

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    Our organization specializes in the cleaning of restaurant hoods and exhaust systems throughout the province of Ontario. From installing rooftop grease containment units to changing exhaust fan hinges, our crew is qualified and well educated in the cleaning and disinfection of hood exhaust systems while also eliminating any impurities from the system. We are certified and trained to clean and will offer before and after images for all parties. Please contact us right away for all of your business hood cleaning and rooftop grease containment cleanup needs.

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