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*** We are NFPA #96 CERTIFIED Kitchen Exhaust System Cleaning Company.

*** We provide Health & Safety CERTIFICATE as per NFPA 96 code, before and after pictures will be provided after the completion of work.

*** WSIB and Liability Insurance will be provided before the start of work.

Kitchen exhaust cleaning is important for any restaurant - not just for the request of a fire marshall or insurance company, but for the safety of your employees and customers. A Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning company will clean the hood, filters, exhaust fans, and ductwork of your restaurant to remove any grease or other buildup. This not only helps to prevent fires, but also helps to improve indoor air quality and keep your kitchen clean. When choosing a Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning company, it's important to find one that is experienced and reputable. We would love the opportunity to earn your business and ensure that your restaurant is being taken care of. Contact us today to learn more about our services.

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Exhaust systems for commercial kitchens remove grease- and smoke-laden vapour from the cooking process. A buildup of oil and other culinary waste in these systems occurs over time. Workers, patrons, other building occupants, and property might be put at risk by the accumulation of these flammable pollutants. It is necessary to clean commercial kitchen exhaust systems on a regular basis in order to reduce the risk of exposure. Inspection techniques, acceptable ways of cleaning exhaust systems and components, and requirements for acceptable post-cleaning cleanliness are all outlined in this standard to establish the frequency and need of commercial kitchen exhaust system cleaning.

We are your Ontario Hood Cleaning specialists serving restaurants, institutions, and hospitals all across Ontario Canada. For all your commercial hood cleaning, kitchen exhaust fan cleaning, rooftop grease containment, hood filters, and maintenance our team of trained service technicians can help. We are WSIB insured, carry full liability insurance, and are bonded. We provide your health, safety, and cleaning certificates for your insurance carriers. We guarantee our hood cleaning service will leave your stainless steel hoods shiny and clean once again. Give us a call today at 866-844-1981

Maintaining a clean kitchen exhaust hood system helps to make your kitchen safer, despite the fact that nothing can fully remove the possibility of a fire occurring there. Our crew is able to do a comprehensive, expert cleaning on your exhaust hood system, which will result in the removal of the fuel load. Any potential fire can be contained and put out if you keep your system clean and do regular maintenance on it. This reduces the danger of injury or damage to either property or people. The ventilation system in your commercial kitchen may be kept in working order with the help of the kitchen exhaust cleaning services offered by a company in your area. Offering rapid service across the entire province of Ontario.

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We offer commercial kitchen exhaust cleaning services for all restaurants and institutions across the Greater Toronto area.Do you need hood cleaning as per the Ontario Fire Marshall’s request so your restaurant remains compliant? Does your insurance company want proof that you’re getting your restaurant kitchen exhaust hoods cleaned regularly?

Either Way – We want to earn your trust and confidence and (hopefully business) and help you.

We are a NFPA 96 Recognized Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning Company and we will provide you with a health and safety certificate as per code requirements along with before and after pictures of all work completed. Workplace Safety and Insurance Board certificate and Liability Insurance slip will be provided before the start of any work.

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Exhaust Hood Cleaning Service in Ontario

Now that you’ve invested thousands of dollars in renovations and new cooking equipment for your ideal restaurant, you need to find a reliable company that can service and clean your kitchen exhaust hood system on a regularly scheduled basis.

We have provided service to commercial restaurants, childcare centres, churches, hotels, fast-food restaurants, hospitals, long term care, institutions, food trucks, among other establishments for over 10 years now. 

We are fully compliant with and well acquainted with the NFPA #96 fire code, and we adhere to it to the letter while cleaning the kitchens of our clients. According to their standards, every commercial kitchen cooking equipment should be equipped with an exhaust and fire prevention system that meets or exceeds industry specifications.

Commercial kitchen cooking equipment should be equipped with exhaust and fire suppression systems, and it should be cleaned, serviced and maintained in line with the manufacturer’s recommendations but you also need to consider usage and how much volume of cooking the restaurant is doing. 

Our most demanding consumers and chefs rely on us to do it right the first time. The exhaust system is meticulously cleaned by our certified Professional Exhaust Cleaning Technicians (PECT). All hoods, fans, ducts, and other equipment will be stripped down to the bare metal during the cleaning process. While ensuring the safety of you and your company, we strive to go above and above. We will provide documentation of our diligence in protecting and preserving your company is provided by complete service records and photographs of the work done. Your company will not be disrupted by Ontario Hood Cleaning‘s courteous customer service representatives.

A timetable for cleaning and inspecting the exhaust hood system in a commercial kitchen should be developed, and the system should be cleaned and examined on a regularly and scheduled basis.

— For solid-fuel cooking systems that provide service on a monthly basis.

– For systems with high volume operations, such as a 24-hour restaurant or a kitchen that does a lot of charbroiling or wok cooking, it is advised that they be serviced quarterly.

In the case of kitchens that produce modest quantities of food on a semi-annual basis.

— Once a year for kitchens with a modest amount of food preparation. This is true of daycare centres, camps, churches, and seasonal businesses, to name a few examples.

It’s vital to keep an eye on grease, which may contaminate your kitchen equipment and create a fire danger if not dealt with promptly. Our exhaust hood cleaning service is the answer. Call today.

Following an examination, when grease deposits are located within the exhausst system, according to the National Fire Protection Association’s Code 96 (National Association of Fire Protection), such places must be cleaned by specialists with trained technicians.

We are a fully licensed, bonded, and insured company that specializes in kitchen exhaust system cleaning in the province of Ontario. We provide certificate of work performed for you to use with your insurance carrier.

Is your kitchen exhaust system in need of cleaning and your looking for the top company in ONTARIO? You’ve arrived to the correct location. Hood Cleaning Ontario has been in the business of cleaning exhaust hoods for many years. No doubt about it, our customers have expressed their satisfaction with the thoroughness and professionalism of the job we provide.

Ontario Commercial Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning

As the owner of a restaurant or establishment, you understand how important it is to keep not just your kitchen cooking equipment, but also your kitchen exhaust system in proper working order and cleaned on a regular scheduled basis.. The failure of your kitchen exhaust system as a result of improper maintenance may force the shutdown of the kitchen. The accumulation of grease, along with a spark, may cause a fire, posing a fire danger and risking the lives of you, your staff and patrons.

In Ontario, commercial kitchen exhaust systems are cleaned and disinfected. Today is the day when Hood Cleaning Ontario is ready to clean your commercial kitchen exhaust system to a high standard!

According to the recommendation of Ontario’s Fire Marshal, you need to clean your kitchen exhaust hood on a minimum of a yearly basis.

Furthermore, your insurance provider may need you to certify that you clean your restaurant hoods on a regular basis in order for you to remain compliant and keep or secure your insurance coverage.

Give Ontario Hood Cleaning the opportunity to show you how professional our services are and how fast and efficient our team is.

Commercial Kitchen Cleaning for Ontario Restaurants

Our business assures that your facility will fulfill all of its criteria for hygiene and cleanliness. Our professional crews are equipped with the some of the most sophisticated gear in the market, all to keep your kitchen area and equipment gleaming. In addition, our personnel employ only ecologically friendly goods to reduce possible harmful consequences on the environment. Our emphasis on eco-friendliness helps us to preserve as much water throughout the cleaning procedure as possible and allows us to operate without leaving hazardous residue.

In Ontario, we have a commercial kitchen cleaning staff that is professional and well-trained to meet all of your cleaning requirements. 

Whether your restaurant kitchen requires a thorough cleaning or continuing commercial kitchen cleaning services, come to Ontario Hood Cleaning for the greatest possible clean. Restaurant and bar owners around the province pick the pro cleaners at Ontario Hood Cleaning to guarantee their kitchens are pristine. We utilize only the safest hospital-grade cleaning materials and unique disinfection processes to guarantee your commercial kitchen is clean and ready for the next shift, while complying to the rigorous standards of cleanliness needed by law.

Our crew is very skilled when it comes to the demands of the food industry, and works with restaurant owners to establish a commercial kitchen cleaning plan that matches their particular needs and fits within their budget. Our services may be customized to ensure just the areas you need are cleaned at the frequency you desire!

For more information about our restaurant cleaning services, get in contact with us now Or, receive a free quote on your cleaning services today to get started!

Working with us ensures that you will get the highest quality commercial kitchen cleaning available.

Rooftop Grease Containment in Ontario Canada

Roof top grease containment should be a key issue for any restaurant owner or general manager for various reasons. As part of your Grease Management Program, we will check your roofing conditions periodically. At the time of service, the condition of the roof will always be indicated on the after-service report. We will give advice on how to assist avoid future buildup of grease on the rooftop along with providing photos for your insurance provider and owner.

The first line of protection against rooftop grease damage is putting a grease containment system on your restaurant exhaust fan. However, you may still notice oil leaks that need to be taken care of as a consequence of periodic exhaust fan cleaning and maintenance.

The presence of slippery rooftop grease might raise the possibilities of harm for personnel or contractors who are working on the roof. Also, the acidic substances included in grease might harm the roof if it’s not cleaned in a timely way.

Commercial kitchens are subjected to a great deal of stress, activity, and inspection. Chefs and owners of restaurants and commercial kitchens have undoubtedly spent thousands of dollars on cooking equipment, ranging from grills and deep fryers to rotisseries and woks, to name a few examples.

Inevitably, grease will be released into the atmosphere by such equipment. Cooking hoods, kitchen exhaust fans, and ductwork are all used in order to transfer the odour up and out of the kitchen. Roof inspection and maintenance should be performed on a regular basis as part of a rooftop grease cleanup strategy.

Restaurant owners and managers are fully aware of the need of scheduled rooftop grease containment system maintenance and upkeep. They recognize that this is critical to optimizing the efficiency with which their rooftop grease containment systems are used. Rooftop grease containment systems need regular maintenance to ensure the remain to function as designed. 


Exhaust Fan Hinges and Installation ON

In order for any restaurant exhaust fan that serves a kitchen grease exhaust to function properly, it must be equipped with an exhaust fan hinge kit. The National Fire Protection Association’s NFPA #96 fire code regulations specify that this is a requirement in all buildings. Exhaust fan hinge kits are required by many fire marshals and municipal ordinances, as well as by insurance companies in many cases. So, what precisely is the significance of having a hinge kit on hand? The following information will assist you in better understanding the advantages of exhaust fan hinge kits. To begin, it is vital to understand what an exhaust fan hinge kit truly performs.

What is the function of an exhaust fan hinge kit?

Hinge kits for restaurant exhaust fans are available in a variety of various designs, but they all serve the same fundamental purpose. Using a hinge to link the exhaust fan to the curb, a moveable junction is formed, allowing for easy opening and closing of the exhaust fan. Hinge kits will have a chain attachment, a locking pin, or some other device to prevent the fan from tilting back too far from the ceiling. They will also generally include some form of hold open retainer to fix the hinge into a locked open position in order to prevent it from crashing back into place.

What are the advantages of putting exhaust fan hinges in your restaurant?

So, what precisely are the advantages of including a hinge in your fan design? Although it is evident that installing an exhaust fan hinge kit would ensure that your commercial kitchen hood system is in compliance with the law, there are several additional advantages to doing so.

It is safer and simpler to examine, clean, and repair your exhaust fan when using this tool.

Upblast fans, which aid to evacuate grease-laden air, smoke, and heat from the kitchen, are widely relied upon by the restaurant industry. Because your rooftop fan works so hard, it’s critical that you keep it in good working order and clean it thoroughly after each usage. A hinge kit for the exhaust fan is required in order to do this.

Hinge kits reduce potential safety issues while also allowing for simple access to the interior of the fan for inspection, cleaning, and maintenance purposes. Because of their design, the fan can be kept open at the proper angle and in a locked position. With a hinge kit fitted, there is no longer any need for anybody to remove a heavy, greasy fan, which might result in the fan falling into a foot or other body part.

Final point is that by making it easy to clean and repair your exhaust fan, you will make your restaurant safer from fire threats and will aid in the continued effectiveness and efficiency of your ventilation system. In addition, since you will be able to maintain your exhaust fan clean, you will have less rooftop grease to deal with in the future.

Hinge kits are an investment that is well worth the money.

Purchasing a hinge kit is an investment in your restaurant as well as the individuals that work in and around the establishment. It is impossible to stress the importance of having a high-quality hinge kit put on your rooftop ventilator. No matter which exhaust fan hinge kit you choose to install, you can be certain that it is a worthwhile investment.

Power Washing for Ontario Restaurants

On the interior surfaces of the restaurant kitchen hood, filters, ductwork, and exhaust fans, our developed cleaning methods at Ontario Hood Cleaning remove grease and flammable residues, ensuring that the restaurant is in compliance with all applicable local, provincial, and National Fire Protection Association codes. The restaurant hood cleaning process is concluded with the installation of a Certificate of Compliance decal on the restaurant kitchen hood canopy in plain view of the Fire Marshall, health department, or insurance company.

Hood Cleaning Ontario provides power washing services all over the region. Hood Cleaning Ontario can effectively clean your restaurant’s kitchen floors, hoods and much more. Our rigorous standards include cleaning kitchens, restaurants, culinary equipment, and exhaust hoods. There’s no job too big or small for us to do, no matter what kind of restaurant you own or manage. There are several methods for cleaning kitchens and other spaces. These include using power washing or pressure washing industrial systems for deep cleaning.

You’ll need either steam cleaning, power washing and more than likely a combination of both if you really want your kitchen to look new again. Fortunately for you, we can do both. There’s no need to call another Ontario pressure washing company as it is a primary service that we offer after discovering that it was the most effective way to clean and degrease. To truly get the grime, grease, and other containments off of any kitchen equipment, steam it first, then power washes it.

To really wow your dining visitors, we also pressure wash the outside of your restaurant, including the sidewalk or parking lot. Outsiders’ perceptions of your restaurant are critical; it’s a no-brainer. In Ontario, you need a business that can handle everything. All of our cleanings is done using industrial grade and certified chemicals, a powerful vacuum, and pressure washing equipment and we guarantee you’ll be impressed.

You’ll want to receive the greatest score possible when it comes to city inspections, especially if you’re in a commercial kitchen or premium restaurant. High temperatures are used to thoroughly disinfect all kitchen equipment, flooring, and appliances without causing any harm.


NFPA #96 Fire Code in Ontario CANADA

An NFPA 96 standard was developed by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) to provide preventative and operational fire safety criteria for commercial cooking operations with the goal of reducing the possible fire dangers associated with such activities.

Removal of smoke and grease-laden vapors from commercial cooking equipment must comply with NFPA 96 Standard for Ventilation Control and Fire Protection of Commercial Cooking
Operations Standard for Commercial Kitchen Ventilation Control and Fire Protection.

Every year, thousands of fires take place in restaurants and bars, creating a major danger of injury, death, and property damage. A comprehensive set of criteria for commercial kitchen design, installation, operation, inspection, and maintenance is set forth by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) in its NFPA 96 Standard for Ventilation Control and Fire Protection of Commercial Cooking Operations.

The standard covers all types of cooking equipment, including fans, stove exhaust hoods, grease removal devices, cooking exhaust systems, fire suppression systems, and clearance to combustibles. There are provisions for both public and private kitchens and commercial culinary operations that use home cooking equipment.

Commercial Kitchen Fire Protection in Ontario

Fire is the biggest enemy of a restaurant. As a result of your failure to take adequate precautions against the risk of a commercial kitchen fire, not only will your company incur considerable losses, but you may also be held liable for damages.

Flames are a genuine threat, and before I ratchet up your anxieties, let me reassure you that 99.99 percent of fires are avoidable. The 0.01% was left out since we all have bad days from time to time.

In any case, why do so many fires occur if they are so readily prevented? A total of over 5,000 commercial restaurant fires were put out between 2011 and 2013 by the United States Fire Administration (USFA). I want to make clear that these were expensive fires, costing more than $116 million in damages. People were killed in several of the blazes. Crazy! What, then, can restaurants do to keep their buildings safe from blazes?

If you operate a restaurant or commercial space in Ontario, Canada, Hood Cleaning Ontario is the first place you should contact for a free no obligation estimate to ensure your restaurant’s compliancy and safety.

Disinfection & Sanitization Services for Ontario Commercial Restaurants

For those who are short on time or who want to reduce the burden of their personnel, hiring professional restaurant cleaning services is the greatest choice available to them. Keeping a restaurant clean helps to increase sales while decreasing the likelihood of illnesses and food poisoning. Also beneficial is the fact that it contributes to the creation of safer working conditions as well as a welcoming environment at the facility.

The cleaning services provided by Ontario Hood Cleaning are of the highest quality, and we are a leading supplier of restaurant cleaning solutions. We have the necessary commercial/industrial equipment to clean and properly sterilize your establishments. We can work on both small and large-scale kitchens, and we will make certain that there is no sign of trash, germs, or pollution left at your facility when we are through.

Restaurant cleaning services provided by professionals provide superior outcomes. There are several reasons why you should make the investment in hiring a reputable and professional restaurant cleaning service.

Keeping infections from spreading: Cleaning that is insufficient or infrequent will not provide complete cleanliness and sanitation. Professional cleaning and sanitizing services guarantee that viruses and germs do not spread throughout the establishment.

Restaurants are subjected to periodic health inspections and must adhere to the rules and regulations of regulatory organizations. Preventing health inspectors from uncovering anything during their inspections is critical to maintaining public health. It is possible to prevent losing any points for uncleanliness if you hire expert cleaning services.

Visual appeal that is inviting: First impressions are critical for any company. The appearance of a clean, fresh, and safe restaurant makes customers feel more at ease. Professional cleaners make certain that all parts of cleaning are addressed by the cleaning services provided and that the best outcomes are achieved at all times.

hood filters maintenance and replacement
Hood Filters Cleaned

Hood Filters Maintenance & Replacement in Ontario

Filters in a restaurant’s grease management and exhaust ventilation system are the first line of defence against contamination. Designed to keep flames and combustible debris from entering the exhaust duct while also collecting grease-laden vapours produced by cooking equipment, they provide a dual purpose. This grease would accumulate in the ventilation system and provide a significant fire threat if it was not captured and removed immediately.

Filters are not only necessary, but they are also required in order to comply with requirements set forth by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), the International Fire Code (IFC), insurance providers, and fire and health inspectors on a regular basis. This emphasizes the importance of purchasing the proper hood filters and keeping them in good working order over the long haul. Apart from decreased electricity costs and less pressure on the exhaust system engine, a well-kept set of filters also contributes to a cleaner and more comfortable kitchen.

Maintenance and replacement of hood filters are provided by Hood Cleaning Ontario.

Changing, cleaning, and maintaining hood filters on a regular basis is essential in a commercial kitchen. To prevent grease vapor from entering the hood ducts before it can cause damage, hood filters, which are also known as grease baffle filters, are an essential part of the exhaust system. Maintaining, replacing, and cleaning your exhaust hood filters is the best way to keep your kitchen and staff safe from grease fires. Hood Cleaning Ontario can assist restaurants in Ontario. 

Our trained technicians will remove all hood filters. They will remove all built-up grease and particles and bring it back to the bare metal. After cleaning the entire kitchen exhaust hood system our team will reinstall the filters.

Food Truck Hood/Exhaust Cleaning Ontario

Hood Cleaning Ontario provides food truck hood and exhaust cleaning services across Ontario Canada.

Your food truck’s hood and kitchen may be cleaned by you or by a hired professional, but how much time do you truly have for that? Additionally, you’ll need to buy chemicals and keep them safely. Inquire about Ontario’s health department and your insurance carrier’s preferences. Visit our ‘About’ page to learn more about what we do.

All sorts of hoods and exhaust systems are cleaned by Hood Cleaning Ontario, a firm that serves businesses, restaurants, institutions, and event centres.

We work with a variety of service providers to keep their food truck hoods clean. We work in schools, hotels, colleges, churches, and, of course, huge kitchens.

To begin, our specialists will place plastic over any adjacent surfaces to protect the walls and floors from staining. Exhaust and grease pans are removed, along with any surplus oil (we use our own throwaway containers, so you don’t have to deal with that).

Degreaser will be used to gently scrape away the remaining dirt and grease from each filter and pan after we’ve wiped them clean. We’ll soak the parts in hot water once they’ve been submerged, and then clean and degrease the exhaust hood. After that, your hood will be dried and reattached.

For restaurant and facility owners in Toronto, ON contact our friends at Hood Cleaning Toronto for all your professional hood and kitchen exhaust cleaning.


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We own a restaurant in Windsor ON and hired this company to clean our overhead kitchen exhaust systems. They did an excellent job, we fast and thorough and gave us our certificate for insurance and our records. Thanks for a great job.
Paul M
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100% satisfied with the cleaning of our kitchen exhaust hoods. Thank you
Santos B
Kudos to the team at Ontario Hood Cleaning really happy with how fast and efficient they were when cleaning our kitchen exhaust hoods keeping the mess to a minimum and completely cleaned up after the job was completed. Thank you.
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Commercial kitchen exhaust systems remove the cooking process’s grease- and smoke-laden vapour. Over time, oil and other kitchen waste accumulate in these systems. Workers, patrons, other building occupants, and property might be at danger due to the buildup of these combustible contaminants in the environment. Commercial kitchen exhaust systems must be cleaned on a regular basis to minimize exposure risks. This standard specifies the frequency and need of cleaning commercial kitchen exhaust systems by outlining inspection methods, appropriate cleaning methods for exhaust systems and components, and acceptable post-cleaning cleanliness criteria.

Even while nothing will completely eliminate the risk of a fire breaking out in your kitchen, you can reduce that risk by keeping the exhaust hood system in your kitchen clean. This will help make your kitchen safer. Because our team is able to perform a thorough and meticulous cleaning on your exhaust hood system, the fuel load will be eliminated as a result of this service. If you keep your system clean and perform routine maintenance on it, any possible fire can be controlled and extinguished before it spreads. Because of this, there is less of a chance that either persons or property will be injured or damaged. With the assistance of the kitchen exhaust cleaning services provided by a company located in your region, the ventilation system found in your commercial kitchen may be preserved in good working condition over the course of time. The entire province of Ontario is covered by our lightning-fast service.

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