What is a Type 2 commercial hood?

Type 2 Hoods: Simple Venting


So you’re looking for a new commercial hood for your kitchen and you’ve heard of the term “Type 2 Hood.” But, exactly, what is a Type 2 Hood? In a nutshell, it’s an exhaust-only hood intended for use over non-grease-producing equipment like ovens and steamers. They should not be used near fryers or grills. Let us investigate more.


How Type 2 Hoods Operate


Type 2 hoods purify the air in your kitchen by eliminating heat, odours, and moisture. This is done by pulling air through the hood and venting it outside. They are an efficient solution to maintain good kitchen air quality while reducing the risk of fire threats. It’s crucial to remember that Type 2 hoods aren’t designed for heavy-duty grease cleaning; for that, you’ll need a Type 1 hood.


When purchasing a Type 2 hood, keep the CFM (cubic feet per minute) number in mind. This indicates how much air the hood can move in a minute and is a strong measure of its overall efficiency. You should also make sure that the hood you purchase is the right size for your kitchen; if it’s too tiny, it won’t be able to accomplish its job correctly.


Type 2 hoods must be vented to the outside; they will not function correctly if they are just recirculating air within your kitchen. With that in mind, let’s look at some of the advantages of installing a Type 2 hood in your commercial kitchen.


Advantages of Using a Type 2 Hood


Using a Type 2 Hood in your commercial kitchen has various advantages, including:


  • Improved Air Quality: Type 2 Hoods may greatly enhance the air quality in your kitchen by eliminating heat, odours, and moisture from the air. This is especially significant if you have employees who suffer from respiratory ailments or allergies.
  • Reduced Fire Hazard: Type 2 Hoods can help lower the risk of fire in your kitchen by eliminating grease and other combustible elements from the air.
  • Decrease Energy Bills: Type 2 Hoods can help lower your energy bills by keeping your kitchen cooler since they remove heat from the air.
  • Better Workplace Conditions: Type 2 Hoods can make your workplace more comfortable by lowering heat and humidity levels.


There are several advantages to installing a Type 2 Hood in your commercial kitchen. A Type 2 Hood is definitely worth considering if you’re seeking an efficient approach to enhance air quality and decrease fire threats. Just be sure to pay attention to the CFM rate and size of the unit when making your purchase, and that it is adequately vented to the outdoors.

What is a Type 2 commercial hood?
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