How much does a restaurant hood system cost?

How Much Should You Spend on a Restaurant Commercial Hood System?

Money is definitely a major issue when choosing a commercial hood system for your restaurant. How much money should you set aside for installation? The answer varies based on the circumstances, but in general, pay around $1,000 per square foot. So, if you want to build a 15-foot range hood, the estimated cost is $15,000.

Other expenditures associated with the hood system, such as ventilation ducts or fire suppression systems, may also be incurred. But, in the end, the increased safety and efficiency that a quality hood system provides for your kitchen is priceless. However, remember to budget for regular maintenance and cleaning to maintain your system in good working order. Let’s go through some of the factors that will influence how much you need to spend on your commercial hood system.

Size Does Matter

Of course, the size of your range hood will be one of the most important aspects influencing the final cost. The larger the range hood, the higher the price. Not only must you evaluate the expense of materials and labor to build a larger hood, but you must also consider the increased quantity of energy necessary to operate it. So, while selecting on range hood size, establish a balance between what you require and what you can afford.

It’s all about efficiency

Another crucial consideration is efficiency. A more efficient range hood will cost more upfront, but it will save you money in the long term since it will use less energy and require less maintenance. So, if you want a range hood that will provide you with years of trouble-free service with low running expenses, investing a bit more upfront is well worth it. Simply conduct your homework to determine which models are the most efficient—and compare costs to ensure you receive the best bargain possible.

When installing a commercial hood system in your restaurant kitchen, you should budget around $1,000 per square foot. That implies a 15-foot system will cost around $15,000. Remember that items like ventilation ducts or fire suppression systems may incur additional expenditures. However, the increased safety and efficiency that a decent hood system gives is well worth the investment—just remember to budget for periodic cleaning and maintenance activities. You may ensure that your new commercial hood system will serve your restaurant well for many years to come if you follow these tips.

What Influences the Price of a Commercial Hood System?

  • Your kitchen’s size and layout: If you have a bigger kitchen with numerous stovetops or fryers, you’ll need a more powerful, and hence more expensive, hood system. If you have a tiny company with only one or two pieces of culinary equipment, you may get away with a less expensive alternative.
  • The culinary equipment you’re employing: Gas-powered stoves produce more heat than electric stoves, necessitating a more robust exhaust system.
  • The degree of customization required: Customizing your hood system to meet the particular dimensions of your kitchen will certainly cost more than purchasing a pre-fabricated item.
  • The installation’s complexity: If your kitchen does not already have ductwork for expelling pollutants outside, the project will be more expensive.
  • Whether you require any further features: Special features, such as make-up air systems or grease management systems, are required in some commercial kitchens. These accessories will undoubtedly raise the cost of your hood system.

Your hood system will cost between $1,000 and $1,500 per square foot. However, if you want more features or have a complicated installation, your overall expenses may be greater. Whatever you do, keep in mind that investing in a quality commercial hood system is worthwhile for the increased safety and efficiency it provides for your restaurant kitchen. When choosing on the type of system to purchase, keep in mind the monthly maintenance and cleaning charges.


How much does a restaurant hood system cost
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