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*** We are NFPA #96 CERTIFIED Kitchen Exhaust System Cleaning Company.

*** We provide Health & Safety CERTIFICATE as per NFPA 96 code, before and after pictures will be provided after the completion of work.

*** WSIB and Liability Insurance will be provided before the start of work.

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For restaurants, hospitals and all institutions our commercial cleaning services include restaurant kitchen exhaust cleaning, hood cleaning,
rooftop grease containment, filter cleaning and replacement, and the cleaning and disinfection of all restaurant equipment. 

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Exhaust Hood Cleaning Service in Niagara Falls

Since you’ve spent thousands of bucks in improvements and also brand-new cooking devices for your optimal restaurant, you need to find a trusted business that can service and also clean your kitchen exhaust hood system on a regularly scheduled basis.

We have actually offered service to business dining establishments, childcare facilities, churches, hotels, snack bar, health centers, lasting treatment, organizations, and also food trucks, among other facilities for over one decade now.

We are fully certified with and also well familiarized with the NFPA # 96 fire code, and also we stick to it to the letter while cleaning up the kitchens of our clients. According to their criteria, every commercial kitchen cooking equipment ought to be equipped with an exhaust and also fire avoidance system that satisfies or goes beyond sector requirements.

Industrial kitchen area food preparation devices need to be geared up with exhaust as well as fire suppression systems, and also it needs to be cleansed, serviced, as well as kept according to the producer’s recommendations however you also need to take into consideration making use of and just how much volume of preparing the restaurant is doing.

Our most requiring consumers and cooks rely on us to do it right the very first time. The exhaust system is meticulously cleaned up by our accredited Specialist Exhaust Cleansing Technicians (PECT). All hoods, fans, air ducts, and also other equipment will certainly be stripped down to bare steel during the cleaning procedure. While guaranteeing the safety of you as well as your firm, we aim to go above as well as above. We will supply documentation of our diligence in shielding as well as maintaining your business by offering total service records and photos of the job done. Your firm will certainly not be interrupted by Niagara Falls Ontario Hood Cleansing’s considerate client service reps.

Exhaust Hood Cleaning Service
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    A timetable for cleaning as well as checking the exhaust hood system in a commercial kitchen must be developed, and the system must be cleaned and taken a look at on a regular as well as scheduled basis.

    – For solid-fuel cooking systems that offer solution on a monthly basis.

    – For systems with high quantity procedures, such as a 24-hour restaurant or a kitchen that does a great deal of charbroiling or wok food preparation, it is encouraged that they be serviced quarterly.

    In the case of kitchen areas that produce small amounts of food on a semi-annual basis.

    – Once a year for kitchens with a small quantity of cooking. This holds true of daycare facilities, camps, churches, and seasonal businesses, to name a few examples.

    It’s essential to keep an eye on grease, which might contaminate your kitchen equipment as well as create a fire risk otherwise taken care of immediately. Our exhaust hood cleaning service is the response. Call today.

    Complying with an examination, when grease down payments lie within the exhausst system, according to the National Fire Defense Association’s Code 96 (National Association of Fire Protection), such areas have to be cleaned by specialists with experienced technicians.

    We are a completely accredited, bound, and also insured firm that focuses on kitchen area exhaust system cleaning in Niagara Falls Ontario. We provide a certification of job performed for you to use with your insurance service provider.

    Is your kitchen area exhaust system in need of cleansing and you’re looking for a leading firm in Niagara Falls Ontario? You have actually come to the correct location. Hood Cleansing Niagara Falls Ontario has been in business of cleansing exhaust hoods for several years. No doubt concerning it, our consumers have actually shared their contentment with the thoroughness as well as expertise of the job we provide.

    Niagara Falls Commercial Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning

    As the owner of a restaurant or establishment, you comprehend just how important it is to maintain not just your kitchen area food preparation devices, yet additionally your kitchen area exhaust system in proper functioning order and cleaned up on a frequently scheduled basis. The failure of your cooking area exhaust system as a result of improper maintenance might require the closure of the kitchen. The accumulation of grease, in addition to a stimulate, may create a fire, positioning a fire risk and running the risk of the lives of you, your staff, and customers.

    In Niagara Falls Ontario, business kitchen exhaust systems are cleaned up as well as disinfected. Today is the day when Hood Cleaning Niagara Falls Ontario is ready to clean your business cooking area exhaust system to a high standard!

    According to the suggestion of Niagara Falls Ontario’s Fire Marshal, you need to cleanse your cooking area exhaust hood on a minimum of a yearly basis.

    Additionally, your insurance supplier might require you to certify that you clean your restaurant hoods often in order for you to continue to be certified and maintain or safeguard your insurance coverage.

    Give Niagara Falls Ontario Hood Cleaning the chance to show you just how expert our services are and also just how rapid and also efficient our team is.

    Commercial Kitchen Cleaning for Niagara Falls Ontario Restaurants

    Our business ensures you that your center will meet all of its standards for hygiene as well as sanitation. Our specialist staffs are geared up with several of the most sophisticated equipment on the marketplace, all to maintain your kitchen area and equipment gleaming. Furthermore, our personnel uses only environmentally pleasant goods to reduce possible unsafe effects on the setting. Our focus on eco-friendliness helps us to preserve as much water throughout the cleaning treatment as feasible and enables us to run without leaving harmful residue.

    Working with us guarantees that you will certainly get the highest quality business kitchen cleaning offered.

    In Niagara Falls Ontario, we have an industrial kitchen area cleaning team that is expert and well-trained to fulfill every one of your cleansing requirements.

    Whether your restaurant kitchen needs an extensive cleaning or proceeding commercial cooking area cleaning services, come to Niagara Falls Ontario Hood Cleansing for the best feasible clean. Dining establishment as well as bar proprietors around the district select the pro cleansers at Niagara Falls Ontario Hood Cleaning to guarantee their cooking areas are excellent. We use only the safest hospital-grade cleansing materials and special disinfection processes to assure your business kitchen area is tidy and prepared for the following change, while complying with the rigorous standards of cleanliness required by legislation.

    Our staff is very knowledgeable when it comes to the demands of the food market, as well as works with restaurant owners to establish a business kitchen area cleaning strategy that matches their specific demands and fits within their budget plan. Our services might be customized to make certain simply the areas you need are cleansed at the frequency you want!

    For more information about our restaurant cleaning company, get in contact with us now, as well as obtain a free quote on your cleaning services today to get started!

    Rooftop Grease Containment in Niagara Falls Ontario

    Roof grease control must be a key concern for any kind of restaurant proprietor or basic manager for numerous reasons. As part of your Oil Monitoring Program, we will check your roof conditions periodically. At the time of service, the condition of the roof will constantly be indicated in the after-service report. We will provide guidance on how to aid avoid future buildup of oil on the roof together with offering images for your insurance carrier and proprietor.

    The initial line of protection versus rooftop grease damage is placing an oil control system on your restaurant exhaust follower. Nonetheless, you may still notice oil leakages that require to be taken care of as a consequence of periodic exhaust fan cleansing and upkeep.

    The visibility of unsafe roof grease could elevate the possibilities of injury for employees or professionals that are working on the roofing. Additionally, the acidic materials included in oil could hurt the roof covering if it’s unclean in a prompt means.

    Industrial cooking areas go through a good deal of anxiety, task, as well as assessment. Chefs as well as proprietors of dining establishments and commercial kitchen areas have actually definitely spent thousands of dollars on cooking devices, varying from grills and deep fryers to rotisseries and frying pans, to name a few instances.

    Undoubtedly, grease will certainly be launched into the atmosphere by such tools. Food preparation hoods, cooking area exhaust followers, as well as ductwork are all utilized in order to move the smell up as well as out of the cooking area. Roof covering assessment and upkeep need to be performed often as part of a roof grease cleaning strategy.

    Restaurant proprietors and also managers are totally knowledgeable about the need for arranged roof oil control system maintenance and also upkeep. They identify that this is critical to optimizing the effectiveness with which their roof oil containment systems are utilized. Roof grease control systems need routine maintenance to ensure they remain functioning as designed.

    Exhaust Fan Hinges and Installation in Niagara Falls

    In order for any kind of dining establishment exhaust follower that serves a kitchen grease exhaust to function properly, it needs to be outfitted with an exhaust fan joint set. The National Fire Security Association’s NFPA # 96 fire code policies specify that this is a requirement in all structures. Exhaust fan hinge kits are called for by several fire marshals as well as community statutes, along with by insurance companies in many cases. So, what exactly is the relevance of having a joint kit available? The adhering to details will assist you in much better understanding the benefits of exhaust follower joint sets. To begin, it is important to understand what an exhaust follower joint kit genuinely carries out.

    What is the feature of an exhaust fan joint set?

    Joint packages for restaurant exhaust fans are readily available in a range of different styles, yet they all serve the same basic objective. Using a joint to connect the exhaust follower to the aesthetic, a portable junction is developed, enabling simple opening as well as closing of the exhaust fan. Hinge packages will certainly have a chain accessory, a securing pin, or a few other device to avoid the follower from tilting back also much from the ceiling. They will additionally usually consist of some kind of hold open retainer to take care of the joint right into a locked open position in order to stop it from collapsing back into area.

    What are the benefits of placing exhaust fan hinges in your dining establishment?

    So, what precisely are the advantages of consisting of a hinge in your fan design? Although it is evident that installing an exhaust follower hinge package would guarantee that your business kitchen area hood system remains in conformity with the law, there are numerous additional advantages to doing so.

    It is safer as well as easier to examine, clean, and also repair your exhaust fan when using this device.

    Upblast fans, which help to leave grease-laden air, smoke, and also warm from the cooking area, are extensively relied upon by the restaurant industry. Since your rooftop fan works so hard, it’s vital that you keep it in good working order as well as clean it extensively after each use. A joint set for the exhaust follower is required in order to do this.

    Hinge kits minimize possible safety concerns while likewise enabling straightforward accessibility to the interior of the follower for assessment, cleaning, and also maintenance purposes. Because of their layout, the fan can be maintained open at the correct angle as well as in a secured position. With a hinge set fitted, there is no more any type of demand for anyone to get rid of a heavy, greasy follower, which might lead to the follower coming under a foot or various other body part.

    The final factor is that by making it very easy to clean and also repair your exhaust follower, you will make your restaurant more secure from fire hazards and also will aid in the continued efficiency and performance of your air flow system. In addition, considering that you will have the ability to keep your exhaust fan clean, you will have less roof oil to deal with in the future.

    Joint kits are a financial investment that is well worth the money.

    Purchasing a hinge package is a financial investment in your restaurant in addition to the people that work in and also around the establishment. It is impossible to worry the importance of having a high-grade joint package put on your rooftop ventilator. Regardless of which exhausts follower joint kit you choose to mount, you can be certain that it is a worthwhile investment.

    Power Washing for Niagara Falls Ontario Restaurants

    On the interior surfaces of the dining establishment kitchen area hood, filters, ductwork, as well as exhaust fans, our established cleaning approaches at Niagara Falls Ontario Hood Cleaning get rid of grease and combustible deposits, ensuring that the restaurant is in conformity with all applicable neighborhood, rural, as well as National Fire Protection Organization codes. The restaurant hood cleansing process is concluded with the installation of a Certificate of Conformity decal on the dining establishment cooking area hood canopy in plain view of the Fire Marshall, health and wellness department, or insurance company.

    Hood Cleansing Niagara Falls Ontario provides power cleaning services throughout the area. Hood Cleansing Niagara Falls Ontario can properly clean your dining establishment’s kitchen floorings, hoods, and also a lot more. Our rigorous requirements consist of cleansing kitchens, dining establishments, cooking tools, and also exhaust hoods. There’s no task too huge or tiny for us to do, regardless of what type of restaurant you have or manage. There are a number of methods for cleaning up kitchens and also various other areas. These consist of using power washing or stress washing industrial systems for deep cleansing.

    You’ll need either steam cleaning, power cleaning, and also greater than likely a mix of both if you really desire your kitchen area to look new again. Thankfully for you, we can do both. There’s no requirement to call one more Niagara Falls Ontario stress washing company as it is a key service that we offer after uncovering that it was the most efficient way to tidy as well as degrease. To really obtain the gunk, grease, and other controls off of any kind of cooking area devices, vapor it first, then power cleans it.

    To really wow your eating visitors, we likewise push clean the outside of your dining establishment, including the sidewalk or parking area. Outsiders’ understandings of your dining establishment are essential; it’s a no-brainer. In Niagara Falls Ontario, you require a company that can handle whatever. Every one of our cleansings are done making use of industrial quality and also certified chemicals, a powerful vacuum cleaner, and pressure washing devices and we guarantee you’ll be impressed.

    You’ll want to receive the greatest score possible when it involves city evaluations, especially if you’re in an industrial kitchen area or premium dining establishment. Heats are utilized to completely decontaminate all kitchen devices, flooring, and also home appliances without causing any type of injury.


    NFPA #96 Fire Code in Niagara Falls Ontario

    An NFPA 96 criterion was developed by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) to give preventative and also operational fire safety standards for industrial cooking operations with the goal of reducing the feasible fire dangers associated with such tasks.

    Removal of smoke and also grease-laden vapors from business cooking tools have to comply with NFPA 96 Requirement for Air Flow Control as well as Fire Security of Commercial Cooking
    Operations Requirement for Commercial Kitchen Air Flow Control and Fire Defense.

    Every year, hundreds of fires occur in dining establishments as well as bars, creating a major risk of injury, fatality, and also home damage. A detailed set of criteria for business kitchen style, installation, operation, examination, and upkeep is stated by the National Fire Defense Association (NFPA) in its NFPA 96 Requirement for Air Flow Control and also Fire Protection of Commercial Food Preparation Procedures.

    The typical covers all sorts of food preparation tools, consisting of followers, oven exhaust hoods, grease elimination devices, food preparation exhaust systems, fire suppression systems, and also clearance to combustibles. There are stipulations for both public as well as personal kitchen areas and also commercial culinary procedures that utilize home cooking equipment.

    Commercial Kitchen Fire Protection in Niagara Falls Ontario

    Fire is the largest enemy of a dining establishment. As a result of your failing to take sufficient safety measures versus the danger of a business kitchen area fire, not just will your business incur considerable losses, however you might additionally be held accountable for damages.

    Fires are an authentic risk, as well as before I ratchet up your anxieties, let me comfort you that 99.99 percent of fires are avoidable. 0.01% was left out given that all of us have negative days from time to time.

    In any case, why do so many fires happen if they are so conveniently stopped? A total amount of over 5,000 industrial restaurant fires were put out between 2011 as well as 2013 by the USA Fire Management (USFA). I want to explain that these were expensive fires, costing more than $116 million in damages. People were killed in several of the blazes. Crazy! What, then, can dining establishments do to keep their structures risk-free from blazes?

    If you run a restaurant or industrial space in Niagara Falls Ontario, Canada, Hood Cleaning Niagara Falls Ontario is the first place you ought to speak to for a complimentary no-obligation price quote to ensure your restaurant’s conformity as well as safety.

    Disinfection & Sanitization Services for Niagara Falls Ontario Commercial Restaurants

    For those that are short promptly or that wish to reduce the problem of their employees, working with expert restaurant cleaning services is the best selection readily available to them. Maintaining a restaurant tidy help to enhance sales while decreasing the probability of ailments as well as food poisoning. Additionally advantageous is the fact that it contributes to the development of much safer working conditions in addition to an inviting setting at the center.

    The cleaning services supplied by Niagara Falls Ontario Hood Cleaning are of the finest, and also we are a prominent provider of dining establishment cleansing remedies. We have the needed commercial/industrial equipment to clean as well as effectively disinfect your facilities. We can service both little and massive kitchen areas, and also we will certainly make sure that there is no indication of garbage, germs, or contamination left at your center when we are via.

    Dining establishment cleaning services given by professionals give exceptional end results. There are several reasons that you ought to make the investment in employing a reputable and also professional dining establishment cleaning company.

    Keeping infections from dispersing: Cleaning that is insufficient or occasional will certainly not give complete tidiness and sanitation. Specialist cleansing as well as disinfecting solutions guarantee that viruses and bacteria do not spread out throughout the establishment.

    Restaurants go through routine health and wellness inspections and also must follow the rules and laws of regulatory companies. Protecting against wellness assessors from uncovering anything throughout their examinations is important to preserving public health. It is feasible to prevent losing any type of points for uncleanliness if you work with expert cleaning services.

    Visual appeal that is welcoming: First impressions are essential for any company. The appearance of a clean, fresh, as well as safe restaurant makes clients feel extra at ease. Specialist cleaners ensure that all parts of cleansing are dealt with by the cleaning services offered which the best end results are achieved in all times.

    hood filters maintenance and replacement
    Hood Filters Cleaned

    Hood Filters Maintenance & Replacement in Niagara Falls Ontario

    Filters in a restaurant’s grease management as well as exhaust ventilation system are the first line of defense against contamination. Designed to maintain flames and also combustible debris from getting in the exhaust duct while likewise collecting grease-laden vapors created by food preparation devices, they supply a twin objective. This grease would certainly gather in the air flow system as well as offer a significant fire danger if it was not caught as well as removed right away.

    Filters are not just required, yet they are additionally needed in order to comply with needs stated by the National Fire Defense Association (NFPA), the International Fire Code (IFC), insurance policy companies, as well as fire and health examiners regularly. This stresses the value of acquiring the appropriate hood filters as well as maintaining them in good working order over the long haul. Apart from decreased electricity costs as well as less stress on the exhaust system engine, a clean set of filters likewise adds to a cleaner and also more comfortable kitchen.

    Upkeep and also replacement of hood filters are offered by Hood Cleansing Niagara Falls Ontario.

    Transforming, cleaning, and keeping hood filters on a regular basis is crucial in an industrial kitchen. To avoid oil vapor from getting in the hood air ducts before it can cause damages, hood filters, which are additionally referred to as grease baffle filters, are a crucial part of the exhaust system. Maintaining, replacing, and cleansing your exhaust hood filters is the most effective way to maintain your kitchen and also personnel safe from oil fires. Hood Cleansing Niagara Falls Ontario can assist restaurants in Niagara Falls Ontario.

    Our skilled technicians will certainly get rid of all the hood filters. They will certainly eliminate all built-up oil as well as fragments and bring it back to bare steel. After cleaning the whole kitchen exhaust hood system our team will re-install the filters.

    Food Truck Hood/Exhaust Cleaning Niagara Falls Ontario

    Hood Cleaning Niagara Falls Ontario provides food truck hood as well as exhaust cleaning services throughout Niagara Falls Ontario Canada.

    Your food vehicle’s hood and also cooking area may be cleaned up by you or by a worked with professional, but how much time do you absolutely have for that? In addition, you’ll need to purchase chemicals and maintain them secure. Ask About Niagara Falls Ontario’s wellness division as well as your insurance policy provider’s preferences. Visit our ‘About’ page for more information about what we do.

    All type of hoods and exhaust systems are cleansed by Hood Cleaning Niagara Falls Ontario, a firm that offers organizations, dining establishments, institutions, and event centers.

    We work with a range of service companies to keep their food vehicle hoods tidy. We work in institutions, hotels, colleges, churches, and also, naturally, big cooking areas.

    To start, our professionals will certainly position plastic over any nearby surface areas to shield the wall surfaces and also floorings from discoloration. Exhaust and grease pans are eliminated, together with any kind of surplus oil (we use our very own offhand containers, so you do not need to manage that).

    Degreaser will be used to delicately scuff away the continuing to be dirt and also oil from each filter and pan after we’ve wiped them tidy. We’ll saturate the parts in hot water once they have actually been submerged, and after that tidy and degrease the exhaust hood. Afterwards, your hood will certainly be dried out and reattached.

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    We own a restaurant in Windsor ON and hired this company to clean our overhead kitchen exhaust systems. They did an excellent job, we fast and thorough and gave us our certificate for insurance and our records. Thanks for a great job.
    Paul M
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    100% satisfied with the cleaning of our kitchen exhaust hoods. Thank you
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    Kudos to the team at Ontario Hood Cleaning really happy with how fast and efficient they were when cleaning our kitchen exhaust hoods keeping the mess to a minimum and completely cleaned up after the job was completed. Thank you.
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